Rare and vintage props from the longest-
running game show in television history.

new: plinko & golden road stuff!

The holy grail of TPIR props, and only TPIR.SHOP has 'em!
Original Plinko Chip
Original Bob-Era Chip

This super-rare 8-rivet Plinko Chip is presumed to be minted along with the original 1983 set and used by crew as a calibrator chip to test rivet resistance.  No other chips from this era are known to exist outside private collections.  Crew markings typical of old TPIR props add to the charm of this truly one-of-a-kind piece of history!

Original Plinko Chip
Broadcast Plinko Chip

This authentic 6-rivet 5-inch Plinko Chip has been in play on the show is estimated to be have been minted among one of the chip sets circa 2010.  In relative perfect condition, now is your chance to own one of the most iconic and legendary prop pieces in the history of television game shows! 

Golden Road Turntable
Golden Road Turntable!

This is an original mini-turntable used on actual broadcasts when revealing the first prize of the Golden-Road game used throughout the early 2010s.  To our knowledge, only one of these exists, and you're lookin' at it!


Check Game
Original Checks from the Check Game

Check out these actual checks from the check game!  Check!

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The One and Only Box 11!

From ½Off, the actual Box #11.

In The Bag triangular neon backlight
"In The Bag" Neon

Original Neon tubing used to back-light one of the dollar amount triangles from the classic "In the Bag" game.

Range Game Strips
Range Game Strips!

Massive 6'8" original Plexiglas strips used for various price ranges on the Range Game! 

Glittery Trademarked Dollarsigns
Large Dollar Signs

Iconic dollar sign adorned in large chunky glitter, used as wall ornamentation on broadcasts. Two available: 53"×21" and 43"×17" 

Balance Game!
Bob Barker Coins
From the Balance Game

Debuting in 1984, the Balance Game used actual dollar-sized tokens as a counterweight prop.  

Yodelly Guy
Life-Size Yodelly Guy
From Cliff Hangers

A six-foot-tall "Fritz" aka "The Yodelly Guy", picutred here with Christen Khalil of The Young and The Restless.

Card Game
The Card Game
Sign and Table Felt

The actual signage and table felt used from the third re-design of The Card Game.

Grand Game
The Grand Game
Game Signage

A huge set piece over 7 feet long from the Grand Game; contains the original neon tubing clips.

Grand Game
GT Daisy
Iconic Goodson Todman Asterisk

Instantly recognizable and the show itself; thirty inches long.

Iconic Dollar Sign
Large Dollar Sign
A Massive 6 Footer

The classic dollar sign everybody knows and loves.